Fundraising Chairperson:

Fundraising Chairperson is responsible for the raising of any and all moneys outside of direct convention revenue (i.e., registration, per-registration, banquet, dance, and 7th tradition contributions). All funds collected will be deposited by the Treasurer and be reported with the Treasurer’s monthly report.

Even though the financial responsibility of the fundraisers falls squarely on the shoulders of the Fundraising Chairperson and his/her department, the Fundraisers will always involve the cooperation of all the departments from decorations to Carry-the-Message.


It is important to note that all fundraisers, if at all possible should include an A.A. meeting of some nature (usually a speaker meeting) so as to follow the traditions and to also allow the events to be announced at other events and meetings. 
Historical fundraisers:

1. Spaghetti Dinner with Silent Auction – low cost meal with AA Speaker and 50:50 Raffle. Auction items are donated buy SCV AA Members. One of our most popular events - usually a large turn-out of around 175.

2. Spring Golf Tournament – not a highly profitable event but difficult to coordinate. Usually handled by the current Golf Chairman if done at all.

3. Bingo Night - a fun family orientated event.

4. Moonlight Dance - an outdoor summer event with A.A. speaker and BBQ. Very popular.

5. Men’s Banquet - for men only - a unique way to have an event but different from the generic fundraisers. Usually an evening meal with Male speaker.

6. Women’s Day - for women only - a unique way to have an event but different from the generic fundraisers. Usually a daytime luncheon with Female speaker.

7. Convention Golf Tournament - a separate Chairperson is always needed for this to be successful. Players should receive a commemorative as well and trophies are presented at the Spiritual Breakfast.

Usually at each fundraiser there needs to be a 50/50 Raffle plus a taking of the 7th tradition during the meeting. Most events have a small silent auction as well - not as large as the first event of the year but still for the people that like to participate in these. Also, at each fundraiser we will sell the prior year’s tee-shirts and left over commemoratives at discount prices.

The Al-Anon Committee has prepared deserts in the past for the various fundraisers, collecting funds separately to support their participation at the convention. It is great to have their participation at these vents.

It is very important that if at all possible that the dates of the fundraisers do not conflict with other local A.A. events. We do not want to compete with any A.A. enterprise.