Registration Chairperson

Registration Chairperson supervises the printing and distribution of all tickets, giving special attention to the task of bringing in the collections; all funds collected will be deposited by the Treasurer and be reported with the Treasurer’s monthly report; will track the number of attendees of the convention and events from the beginning of pre-registration to the end of the convention. A direct mailing will be made to all the attendees of the previous year to encourage pre-registrations


The registration chairperson should also be computer literate and would ideally own their own computer. If this is not the case a computer can be provided (the convention owns some computers). An Excel spreadsheet is kept that keeps track of all registrations and the event tickets that are purchased during the year.

Throughout the year a list of current registrations and event ticket purchases should be continuously maintained and reported at each Steering Committee meeting.

Upon arriving at the convention each attendee receives a packet containing convention badges and event tickets as well as any pre-registration gift (if any).

The registration spreadsheet is a complex and large document that can not fit into this document. Examples are available upon request and in the CD-Rom companion to this manual.

At the convention a team of registration volunteers is always present to process each attendee. (See Volunteer Shifts). It is the registration chairperson’s job to fill these volunteer shifts.

The attendees broken down into pre-registered and those registering on-site. The pre-registered individuals need to have their payment confirmed to insure they have paid in full and then be given their registration packet which will include their badges and tickets for the ticketed events. The on-site registrations will need to have their badges printed and seat assignments for the tickets events and banquets.

Badges Example:


Seating at the Banquets: In order to encourage early registrations, people that purchase entire tables are guaranteed preferred tables near the front of the room. It is also important that a table be set aside for all the speakers and their guests.