Security Chairperson

Security Chairperson is responsible for the personal safety of every attendee and guest of the convention (including fundraisers) by insuring the safe conduct of every single person involved; will work closely with the Venue Chairperson to insure that convention facilities or any vendor’s property are never threatened wherein the SCV Convention AA, Inc. could be found liable; will secure the attendance of Annual Convention Meeting. Members of the Security Committee will wear special identification badges and will be available to provide assistance to conventioneers


One of the hardest jobs of this department is getting enough volunteers. (see Volunteer Shifts) A vast list of security volunteers has been amassed. Make sure to get a copy of the list from the previous chair. Captain are established and put in charge of crews. Each captain is responsible for a four hour sift. Each crew works two to four hour sifts as necessary.

At the convention the safety of all the attendees is the primary purpose and the protection of property.

The next most important job of security is to insure the safe transport of all money at the convention. All cashiers and the treasurer must be escorted by a security representative when handling money.

Another responsibility of security is to insure that each person entering a ticketed event or banquet has their ticket. Each attendee must have a ticket to get in or out of any ticketed event. This can be a bit complicated as each exit should be monitored or secured.