Speakers Chairperson:

Speakers Chairperson is responsible for booking the following year’s convention speakers, sending invites to speakers and panels of meetings where these individuals will be participating; will coordinate with the Venue Chairperson to insure that proper care is provided to Convention Speakers which will include all travel and boarding expenses. Speakers also provide speaker for fund-raising events as needed. They will also provide hosts (hostess) for speakers.


Besides making the arrangements and booking the speakers one year in advance, the speakers chair is also in charge of insuring that hosts are appointed to each speaker to insure that there needs are met and that their involvement with the SCV Convention of A.A. is a memorable one.

The hosts will also be responsible for the transport of the speakers to and from the convention and their hotel rooms. This will require working hand-in-hand with the Hospitality Chair who will make the hotel arrangements.

Meals and tickets are provided free of charge to each speaker and one guest for all the banquets.