Treasurer is responsible for all money, including revenues from registrations, banquet tickets and fundraising; pays all bills using a check request or purchase order system; advises the chairperson on cash supply and income flow as well as rate of expenditures. Any candidate for treasurer should have four (4) or more year’s sobriety, computer experience, and some solid business experience. Each check requires two signatures of the Chairperson and Co-Chairperson. A complete report from the treasurer will be prepared on a monthly basis. The Steering committees have the freedom to audit the accounts of the Santa Clarita Valley Convention of AA, Inc. at anytime as a further safeguard for convention funds.

The Convention is a Public Charity (501 ( c )(3)) and all it’s accounting records should be accessible by the public at any time. In order to facilitate this, the convention hires a non-affiliated bookkeeper to work hand-in-hand with the treasurer and to make sure all the required fillings with the IRS are met.

The treasurer should be computer literate and would ideally own a computer. If this is not the case, a computer can be provided (the convention owns six computers). The accounting software used by the convention is QuickBooks. The convention owns a licensed copy which can be installed on the Treasurers computer. The use of this software will allow files to be easily shared between the treasurer and the bookkeeper. All the account categories have been set up to insure a uniform filing and reporting process.

Profit & Loss Report example for monthly treasure’s report. Also special event comparison from year to year is kept up to date to better manage the effectiveness of each fundraiser as the year goes on:


The treasurer is also responsible to make sure that a check request form if filled out and approved by the Chairperson before any check issued or funds spent.

Example of Check request form:


At the convention the treasurer is responsible for finding cashiers for the collection of money for on-site reservations and the collection of the Marathon Meetings Seventh Tradition and Hospitality food sales. Shifts are set so that a team of cashiers is available for all hours of the convention. (See Volunteer Shifts).

Following are examples of past Cashier’s Rule and Regulations. These are designs to insure the safety of anyone handling money for the convention and to make sure that all money collected are properly accounted for.


Also, each Cashier is given a Tally Sheet to keep track of all the money tendered: