Having to “reinvent the wheel” is a difficult and yet unnecessary thing to do. With this document we hope to minimize the amount of practical research necessary for new Convention Committee Members at future conventions. We realize that every year is going to present new and interesting challenges; of course the content of this document (other than the guidelines) should be viewed as suggestions.

It is our desire to express our experience, strength and hope to insure that the Guidelines, By-laws, Mission Statement of the non-profit corporation, and this Manual are followed as closely as possible. We believe that we can help by passing on the following information to clear up issues as they present themselves and to insure that this event continues in perpetuity.

We have covered in great detail the duties of each Steering Committee position as well as some of the Sub-Committee Chairperson duties (see Table of Contents). While we have attempted to be as detailed as possible we also wanted to be sensitive to not be “tight on the reins.” We understand completely that it is impossible to address every potential circumstance in a document such as this for an endeavor the size an as work-intensive as a Convention of A.A.

For those of us that started these efforts just a short few years ago, we had hoped the convention could be an exciting, fun, and unique way to celebrate sobriety in Santa Clarita. As it has turned out we had very little idea how dramatically it would grow and become such a positive influence on the A.A. community not only in Santa Clarita but all the surrounding areas. Thank you so very much for your commitment to help support keeping the dream alive!